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~ Karla Chandler ~

Corrie ten Boom


Why does God
let bad things happen?

What is God’s purpose

for our lives?

The answers to these difficult questions are two of the most sought after by Christians today. And God’s people do not want pat answers, but soul-deep understanding that comes only from the example of real, human experience.


Christian reenactor Karla Chandler powerfully answers those questions through her compelling one-woman portrayals of author and WWII concentration camp survivor Corrie ten Boom (1892 - 1983).

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The Hiding Place Presentation

A watchmaker’s daughter in Nazi-occupied Netherlands, “Corrie” tells the story of how she, her father, and sister helped an estimated eight hundred Jews and refugees hide from the Germans and escape. But a betrayal led the Gestapo to Corrie’s door. Ten days later her father was dead, and she and her sister were imprisoned at the notorious Ravensbrück concentration camp near Berlin.


After months of brutal treatment, her sister died at Ravensbrück.


Later Corrie miraculously escaped due to a clerical error.

In the years that followed, God led Corrie to discover that,


“Every experience God gives us, every person he puts in our lives, is the perfect preparation for the future that only he can see.”

—Corrie ten Boom

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Corrie ten Boom

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Karla Chandler

What is God's purpose for our lives?


Click the play button to view clips from The Hiding Place: a Corrie ten Boom Reenactment by Karla Chander.

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“We were all so entranced. . . .”

From Karla’s mesmerizing Dutch accent to her presence alive with Corrie’s authentic history, her presentations lead audiences to soul-deep understanding of God’s plan for our lives—and closer to the heart and will of God.


Invite Karla to present her Corrie ten Boom reenactment “The Hiding Place Story” to your church or group. She does not charge a fee,* but she does request a free-will donation, the proceeds of which she donates to a 501(c)(3) organization to benefit people groups in need (contact Karla for details).


* with the exception of long-distance travel expenses, such as airfare

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